Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Biodiesel Production in Indonesia

Using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology, this report analyzes the GHG emissions of biodiesel from CPO. LCA was selected in order to analyze GHG emissions as a result of biodiesel production from CPO in Indonesia, with research limitations delineated to the plantation, refinery, and B20 blending station production stages. A scenario analysis up to the consumption stage was conducted in order to observe biodiesel GHG emissions across the entirety of the supply chain. Sampling data for the research was obtained through respondents in the corporate sector, as well as from palm oil smallholder farmers. Data for palm oil smallholder farmers’ production was obtained through field surveys in the provinces of Riau and West Kalimantan. A review of previous biodiesel LCA studies was also conducted as a reference for the research.

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