Jakarta’s Two Sources of Air Pollution Solution

This TEMPO article features a webinar entitled ‘Central Jakarta District Court Decision regarding Jakarta’s Clean Air Demand, What is the Next Step?’ on Thursday, October 7, 2021 and quotes Ricky Amukti from Traction Energy Asia. Read the coverage here.

Independent Smallholders Must be Included in the Biodiesel Supply Chain

Taufik Radhianshah, researcher, and Ricky Amukti as the Engagement Manager for Traction Energy Asia conveyed the results of the study that the policy to place independent oil palm smallholders in the national biodiesel supply chain was feasible. Read the coverage here.

Biodiesel Supply Chain Carbon Footprint

The research results of Traction Energy Asia are quoted in this article, namely that the biodiesel production process on the upstream side actually produces higher emissions than downstream. Read the Katadata analysis here.