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Frequently asked questions about Traction Energy Asia

Traction Energy Asia is an independent multidisciplinary group of experts and advocates on climate change, energy policy, CO2 emissions reduction, clean energy and the law. We are Indonesia-based with a regional focus across Asia.

Since 2018.

Traction Energy Asia encourages Indonesian government to speed up the switch from dirty energy to cleaner energy. One of our main focuses is to push Indonesian government to shift the use of raw materials that are still categorized as dirty energy, such as biodiesel that are made from crude palm oil (CPO), to cleaner energy. We believe that Indonesia can and must do a lot more to alleviate the threat of even more dangerous climate change.

Traction Energy Asia has produced working papers and policy papers on biodiesel issues. The results of our research can be accessed on our website.

There are a number of independent researchers with diverse expertise, from the fields of law, economics, to the environment who are involved in Traction Energy Asia. The profiles of our researchers can be seen on our website.

You can contact us through our website.