Jakarta’s Two Sources of Air Pollution Solution

This TEMPO article features a webinar entitled ‘Central Jakarta District Court Decision regarding Jakarta’s Clean Air Demand, What is the Next Step?’ on Thursday, October 7, 2021 and quotes Ricky Amukti from Traction Energy Asia. Read the coverage here.

Palm Oil Smallholders Have Not Enjoyed the B30 Program

In this CNN Indonesia article, Research Manager for Traction Energy Asia, Ricky Amukti, is quoted as saying that the partnership scheme is the right strategy for the involvement of independent oil palm smallholders in the national biodiesel supply chain. Read the article here.

As Palm Oil for Biofuel Rises in Southeast Asia, Tropical Ecosystems Shrink

Indonesia and Malaysia are looking to shore up demand domestically and in China, with the EU having changed course away from biofuels. Back in 2003, the European Union ruled that biofuels must make up 5.75% of the bloc’s transport fuel by the year 2010 – a goal that was updated in 2009 to 10% by 2020. Intended to help tackle climate change, the move had the opposite effect. Emissions resulting from changing tropical landscapes to grow biofuel crops were three times higher than from the fossil fuels they replaced, according to a 2015 report. Biofuels – liquids or gases made from plant products