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Dayan Gunung Residents Protect the Forest with Porang (Part I)

From previously being farmers of cocoa, coconut, cashew and others, now the people of Dusun Besari, North Lombok Regency, have turned to porang plants. The simple reason is that the porang plant makes a lot of money and preserves the forest environment.


The Long Road Towards Incentives for Green Palm Oil Labels

Independent smallholders are well aware that oil palm certification is the only way to penetrate the international market. The reason? 70% of the approximately 47 million tons of palm oil produced in Indonesia in 2020 was exported to foreign markets.


Micro Hydropower Brings Light to a Remote Village

For years, they never fully experienced having electricity. Residents of Dusun Batu Saeng, Lampung, then worked together to rise from the darkness by building a micro hydro power plant.